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Residents send in 27 nominations for Comox Valley Trees of the Year contest

This spectacular cherry tree in full bloom at the corner of 14 Street and Cumberland Road is one of the 27 nominated Comox Valley Trees of the Year. Photo supplied

As in previous years, Comox Valley residents responded to Comox Valley Nature’s call for nominations with an impressive list of notable trees for Trees of the Year (TotY) 2024.

From the smallest, and highly vulnerable western red cedar, improbably surviving in the waters of the estuary (#12), and a majestic old-growth Douglas fir situated in the Comox Bluffs Ecological Reserve (#13); to the historic and romantic “canoodling” big leaf maple in Union Bay (#21) and an impressive flowering cherry in the urban setting of the corner of the Cumberland Road and 14th Street ( #3), the variety is a testament to the boundless flora of Vancouver Island.

Descriptions and photographs of all 27 nominated trees can be found on the TotY pages of the Comox Valley Nature (CVN) website ( Touring and cycle routes maps will also be available there soon as a guide for tree lo9vers to plan their days.

New for 2024 is a series of guided walks to enhance the experience and appreciation of some of the trees nominated over the last four years in tree-rich locations in the Valley. The first walk is scheduled for April 27 in the town of Comox, with information and registration found on the CVN website under Events.

Regardless of one’s mode of transport, while exploring the lanes, pathways, parks, and roadsides during their tour, individuals are encouraged to pause and appreciate the distinctive qualities of the trees—observing their foliage, flowers, textures, and fragrance. It is suggested to reflect on the environments where each tree thrives or faces challenges, as well as the significance they hold for individuals, communities, and the diverse life forms they support.

Please respect private property boundaries and owner privacy by viewing the trees from public land.