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VIDEO: Vancouver Island otter spotted frolicking in fresh snow

A Victoria resident caught the adorable moment on video

A Vancouver Island resident filmed an otterly adorable sight this week when a local creature started rolling around in a patch of fresh snow.

Lisa McPhail was in Victoria on Dec. 27 when she caught a glimpse of a river otter out of the corner of her eye. The cute critter was enjoying the city’s recent snowfall by running, sliding and rolling in the fluffy flakes.

“This otter popped out of the ocean, quickly ran up the bank, and started sliding in the snow,” McPhail told Black Press Media. “It was delightful!”

McPhail quickly pulled out her phone and started filming, resulting in nearly a minute of precious footage.

Otters are a common sight around Victoria, and can often be spotted playing near the city’s waterfronts. However, watching one scamper through the snow is rare, considering the region’s typically mild winter weather.

Vancouver Island’s chilly conditions may be a nuisance, but at least someone’s getting a kick out of it!

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