Author Caren Powell signed copies of new book Nov. 13 in Courtenay

The Dark Side of the Rainbow is the latest book by Caren Powell.

The Dark Side of the Rainbow is the latest book by Caren Powell.




Victoria author Caren Powell will be in Courtenay Nov. 13 to sign copies of her latest book, The Dark Side of the Rainbow.

Powell will be at the Laughing Oyster from 11 a.m. to noon,

The Dark Side of the Rainbow is set against the most dramatic political events in South African history.

This spellbinding saga explores apartheid, the fight for freedom and change, the rise of Nelson Mandela to lead the nation, and offers a perspective on what it meant, on an individual basis, to be black or white during a fight for freedom that demanded a tragic price.

The complex plot spans a period from 1975 to 2003 during South Africa’s turbulent political transition. It traces the lives of the white owners and their black labourers on a farm in northern South Africa as they are drawn into a vortex of crime and violence.

Filled with unforgettable characters, this is a tale of love and faith, racial hatred and conflict, commitment, endurance, and revenge.

The Dark Side of the Rainbow tells of Nelson Mandela’s South Africa – a country struggling with racism, fear and determination. A wonderful, endearing blend of characters, scenery and history,” said book editor Ann Westlake.

Caren Powell lived in Africa for over 30 years during the apartheid era and the changeover to democracy.

She and her husband had a farm and much detail is drawn from her personal experience living with their black labourers.

The book is historically accurate and provides a rich and turbulent backdrop against which the characters and plot are set.                                             Powell lives on Vancouver Island with her husband, Neil and their two Jack Russell dogs.