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Cumberland gallery features Comox artist’s Norse mythology-inspired work

Gallery view of artist Kristina Campbell’s works inspired by her exploration of the Norse mythologies (l to r) ‘Thor’, ‘Yggdrasil’ and ‘Odin’s Eye.’ Photo suppplied


From the first-time artist Kristina Campbell stepped into Weird Church in Cumberland she hoped that someday her Viking-inspired artworks would hang in the space.

The large scale of her pieces, coupled with the warmth of her palette of warm umbers, reds and gold provide a perfect union between her art and the exhibition space.

For over a decade, Campbell has been reaching back into her Scandinavian roots for inspiration. Carving her drawings into large wooden cradle panels, and applying paint more often with the soft burnishing touch of her hand, as opposed to brushes, these oil-on-wood pieces are often finished with touches of gold leaf.

The subject of most of her pieces is the Norse gods, with references to the symbols of their stories, and carved runes detailing their exploits. Campbell believes the stories of world mythologies carry human wisdom, and she loves exploring the archetypal nature of the personalities and characteristics of the gods.

Campbell is a Comox-based multimedia artist. She graduated from the University of Victoria in 2009 with an honours BFA. Her multimedia art practice explores themes of mythology, archetypes, memory, biography, feminism, and agency.

Using an intuitive esthetic of sensual imagery she conveys her personal version of the human, and particularly feminine, experience. Campbell owns Artful: The Gallery in Courtenay where she showcases a variety of local and island artists, and hosts a regular variety of events, poetry open mics, author readings and performances.

Campbell’s Norse Mythology Exhibit opens Feb. 25 from 2-5 p.m. and runs until March 25.

Music for the opening will be provided by Blaine Dunaway and Bruce Wing.

The Gallery @ Weird Church is located at 2688 Penrith Ave., Cumberland. Viewing hours are Fridays from 4-6 p.m. and Saturdays from 2-5 p.m., whenever the gallery sign is displayed.

Shows at The Gallery @ Weird Church are curated by Cumberland resident Joan Udell. For more information, contact Udell at or visit