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Cumberland musician/producer launches his first book

Corwin Fox hosting a book launch For Kill Lov e, Dec. 8
After a one-year delay, Cumberland musician/producer/author Corwin Fox will celebrate a book launch of Kill Love on Thursday, Dec. 8. Photo suppled

When longtime musician Corwin Fox got sick in 2021 and had to cancel an online event celebrating the release of his first book, Kill Love, the world was sad.

Not because the event would never come to pass; the world mostly did not notice because it was in the midst of a global pandemic, and everyone was sick and sad and disoriented.

Well, not everyone.

At least, not all the time.

Fortunately, we are finding our collective footing in this new landscape, and Corwin is as healthy as a goat and ready to celebrate his inaugural literary creation with a unique performance at Moon’s Records in Cumberland on Thursday, Dec. 8.

This will not be an ordinary music performance/book reading. This special show will be a musical reading of some of the work from Kill Love, which is a collection of one-sentence stories, interspersed with related original songs, some of which have never been performed live. The setting will be gloriously intimate at Moon’s Records, the perfect place to explore the boundaries of what a song and story can be. Come and wander fearlessly through the mind of a reclusive local creator.

Thursday, Dec. 8, at Moon’s Records, 2739 Dunsmuir Ave., Cumberland. Doors 7:30 p.m., show at 8. Tickets $20.