Cumberland prepares for third annual Woodstove Festival

Cumberland prepares for third annual Woodstove Festival

Cumberland Woodstove Festival runs Nov. 2-4

By Rhonda Teramura

Special to The Record

On Nov. 2 – 4, eight businesses in the downtown core of Cumberland will become venues to host performers, workshops and display all things art.

The Woodstove Festival is presented by the Cumberland Culture and Arts Society (CCAS), whose vision is to support the arts community to continue to gather, share creativity, communicate and connect even with the passage of long, sunny days.

There are no actual woodstoves involved in this event, only metaphorical ones.

As people are warmed, comforted, and uplifted by gathering around a woodstove on wet, grey November days, audiences will surround an eclectic mix of artists in cozy venues to achieve the uplifting emotional equivalent at this festival.

Tereza Tomek, programming director, has booked more than 100 musicians and artists from all over the country, to come share their craft.

The festival will host a strong local base of artists, while welcoming many more from cities such as Montreal, Prince George, Halifax, Winnipeg, Vancouver, Victoria, and Whitehorse.

“Cumberland is a community which loves its events, it has many traditional summer events to look forward to, and now is the time of year when the days are shorter and the festivals are fewer, and people who have mental health issues can experience greater struggle,” Tomek said.

“One of the visions of the CCAS is to open up the conversation of mental health, as most people experience it in some form within their families, and don’t talk about it. Artists can be more emotionally sensitive, as creativity leaves one emotionally vulnerable and exposed to emotional darkness.”

Singer/songwriter Elise Leblanc, who is performing at the festival, has recently moved from Portland, Oregon which has a renown folk music scene.

“Cumberland is a special community, which is remarkably nurturing for thriving artists, especially young artists,” said Leblanc. “Home-based jam sessions and open mic at Cornerstone in Courtenay are valuable opportunities for artists to collaborate, hone their craft and meet others,” Leblanc said.

For more information visit the website and the facebook page facebook/woodstovefestival/

Volunteers are needed, contact Heather by email at

For general inquiries and to help with billeting Tereza can be reached at

Tickets available at Bob City Records, The Waverley Pub, and Rider’s Pizza, in Cumberland or online at online at

Weekend passes are $60 for adults, $30 for youth and $20 for kids.