Innovative art displayed

Cumberland's Corre Alice Gallery is hosting an avant-garde art event Saturday.

Cumberland’s Corre Alice Gallery is hosting an avant-garde art event Saturday.

It is the opening night for the premier solo art show of innovative local artist Destanne Lundquist.

Inspired by the beautiful soundscapes of modernist musical composition, Lundquist’s beguiling, abstract, multi-layered paintings evoke rich sensory landscapes, and she invites you to not only look, but touch.

“Intuitively, people want to touch paintings. In this case, I want people to touch them. I am fascinated by the natural process of decay … with touching, parts of the paintings will erode with time and new layers will emerge.”

Lundquist cites her work as a house painter as another influence on the pieces in this art show.

While living in Vancouver, she discovered she wanted to experiment with making art like a house painter.

“I love the process of sanding, filling, building, layering … the physicality and the tactile nature of it.”

She uses house paint and plaster of paris in her complex, heavily-layered pieces, and she incorporates refined art materials such as classic fine art oil paints, pastels, beeswax and layers of shellac.

The title of the show, SYSTEMS + LAYERS, is a sort of homage to the beautiful, dreamy, modernist soundscapes of the band Rachel’s.

Lundquist’s visual landscapes can be seen (and felt) in the Corre Alice Gallery for the month of July. Opening night promises to be a feast for all the senses, with musicians Joanna Finch and Jesse Gentes adding a layer of enchanting, improvisational music to the evening.

Everyone is welcome. Doors open at 7 p.m. at  2781 Dunsmuir Rd. in Cumberland. Visit for information.


— Corre Alice Gallery