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Looking inside the bowl

Courtenay Little Theatre presents Girl in the Goldfish Bowl
Iris (Andria Young) enjoying a moment with their new boarder Lawrence (Matthew Harding) in Girl in the Goldfish Bowl which runs April 6-9 at the Sid Williams Theatre. Photo submitted

Courtenay Little Theatre is presenting Girl in the Goldfish Bowl by Morris Panych, April 6,7,8 and 9 at the Sid Williams Theatre.

This Governor-General award-winning play is a delightful blend of comedy, drama and mystery. Set in Steveston, B.C. in 1962, and narrated by 10-year-old Iris, the story pits the heroine’s childish optimism against the unsettling fragility of her home life and the threat of the Cuban Missile Crisis.

“Girl in the Goldfish Bowl is fun and challenging to work on, because of its quirky humour and rapid shifts in tone. Working with the historical time period has had unexpected resonance for all of us in these times,” said director Catherine Hannon.

Iris (played by adult Andria Young) is in the last few days of her childhood and convinced that the sudden death of her goldfish is responsible for everything from a looming nuclear war to the breakdown of her parent’s marriage. She finds a disoriented stranger washed up on the nearby beach, believes him to be her fish reincarnated, and brings him home to save her family, but his unnerving presence unleashes a series of unexpected consequences.

At its heart, this play is about how we handle the many crossroads of life, living with the choices we make when faced with life-changing situations. Girl in the Goldfish Bowl is a beautifully crafted play that is tender, insightful, and very, very funny. Hannon has brought together a talented cast from a wide range of backgrounds. Chad Willett has over thirty years of international film and television experience and is proud to be returning to Vancouver Island where he began his career and to be performing live on stage once again.

Andria Young is an instructor at Sitka Stage and Screen in Courtenay and has an extensive background in speech arts, community theatre, and university/college programs. Yvette Menard brings her comedic chops to the role of Iris’ wicked godmother, drawing on her training in the Pochinko Method of clowning. Shannon Skender, who audiences will recognize from numerous leading and supporting roles with CLT, is thrilled to be back on stage again as part of the Courtenay Little Theatre family.

Tickets are $28 and are available at the door or at