New-look combo with Forsland playing the Elks Club

It’s almost six months since Jenn Forsland Group (JFG) last played at the Elks Club in Courtenay.

JENN FORSLAND returns Thursday to the Elks Club with a new-look combo.

JENN FORSLAND returns Thursday to the Elks Club with a new-look combo.

It’s almost six months since Jenn Forsland Group (JFG) last played at the Elks Club in Courtenay.

Forsland advises, “During that time, JFG has undergone some significant changes since we last performed at the Elks.”

The combo, which plays at the Elks’ this Thursday, is always one of the Georgia Straight Jazz society’s most popular bands.

Ralph Barrat has forfeited the keyboard to Sean Mooney, although Forsland assures us, “We will have the pleasure of inviting Ralph up to join us for at least one tune so that we can sing a duet together, for as you know, the gig wouldn’t be the same without my favourite ‘Sinatra-esque’ partner.

“Sean brings a tremendous wealth of skill and talent to the group and has been instrumental in shaping the new tunes. His playful nature and consistent humour, both musically and personally, have infused new energy into old favourites and a unique creative twist.”

Well-known bassist Al West has also retired from JFG.

“Grahame Edwards has joined the group in place of Al and we have been working on a ton of new tunes; Grahame’s skill and ingenuity on both stand-up and fretless electric bass has added a funky, new cerebral perspective on the charts,” says Forsland. “Both Sean and Grahame have fitted seamlessly into the group and honour the JFG’s tradition of mutual respect for all contributing players.

“I am truly fortunate to share music with some of the Valley’s best musicians and although my name is attached to the group, it is genuinely a collaborative effort.”

Other well-known regular musicians in the group include Rick Husband, guitar; Rob Peterson, drums; and Tony Morrison on alto and tenor saxes, and flute.

Forsland will also share the stage with another musician for a small portion of each set. She’s been performing with local singer/songwriter Luke Blu Guthrie for the past eight months and he has graciously agreed to sing and play some standards and some original music.

“Luke has been on the local music scene for over 10 years and brings incredible skill and charm as both an instrumentalist and vocalist. This will provide the audience with an opportunity to hear some sweet vocal harmonies.

“You will also note that we have made a real effort to switch up the configuration of the instrumentation for the new tunes. We hope this will provide interest and diversity within each set and give each player an opportunity to be featured in a different way. Tony will be playing tenor sax, soprano sax and flute throughout the night, and Rick will try his hand at some auxiliary percussion.

“All in all, the evening will be filled with lots of pleasant surprises for anyone who has heard our group in the past and we are confident it will be a great night.”

Among the songs to be performed will be I Get Along Without You, All Or Nothing At All, Love For Sale, 50 Ways To Leave Your Lover, and Gee Baby Ain’t I Good To You.

Showtime is 7:30 p.m. Admission is by donation.

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— Georgia Straight Jazz Society