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Don’t go barking up the wrong tree with your dog!

You can’t expect a dog never to bark, but some dogs bark excessively.

You can’t expect a dog never to bark, but some dogs bark excessively.

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First, understand that dogs bark for different reasons, so it’s important to find out what causes your dog to bark so much.

Once you find out what they’re barking at, you can treat the problem.

They may be territorial and are raising an alarm, as in, “Get off my lawn!”

They may bark out of boredom, or because they’re happy, as in, “You’re home, you’re home, you’re home!!”

Some dogs have separation anxiety that can cause them to bark. Whatever you do, don’t yell at the dog. To them, that’s simply you joining in the chorus.

Instead, remain calm and firm. Tell them, “Quiet,” and perhaps use hand signals. When they respond well, you can reinforce that with a treat.

With the proper training and stimulation, they’ll be much calmer and quieter.

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