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Back to school with new Comox Valley School District Superintendent

Jeremy Morrow brings more than 14 years of experience in leadership to the Valley

This September, the Comox Valley School District (SD71) not only welcomes back its students for the upcoming year but also marks the arrival of a new superintendent.

With 14 years of experience working at Campbell River School District (SD72), including five years as superintendent, Dr. Jeremy Morrow is proud to call the Valley his new workplace.

Morrow’s administrative career started in the Lower Mainland after his completion of a Doctor of Education at Simon Fraser University. Later on, Morrow moved to the Island and relocated to Campbell River.

Initially, the man worked as the principal of a small rural school before ascending to the position of superintendent, a role which he is proud to be holding.

“I think the superintendent, for me, is to be the lead learner who passionately works towards ensuring every student is given every opportunity for success every day of the school year,” said Morrow.

Though he mentioned that the transition between school districts went smoothly, Morrow said he and his team currently face numerous challenges.

One of the superintendent’s chief concerns has to do with the significant growth in enrolment and the lack of physical space to accommodate these new students.

“This year, we have 400 more students starting with us than we did last year,” said Morrow. “This amplifies that already existing space issue and these pressure points are specifically more profound in the Cumberland and Royston areas. I think our district has 56 portables, so we are already bursting.”

In response, Morrow and his administration submitted numerous plans to the Ministry of Education and Child Care for further investments in infrastructure.

“One of those is a business case for the expansion of Cumberland Schools, so we are waiting for final approval and funding for that important project,” said Morrow.

On a brighter note, the superintendent and his team have already received funding for food programs, signed a local enhancement agreement with the Valley’s First Nations, and confirmed the opening of childcare spaces.

“We’re excited to be opening the new childcare spaces in Cumberland, Glacier View, and Lake Trail,” said Morrow. “That’s still not meeting all the needs of our community, but we will continue working on providing more spaces for the community.”

Excited about the new school year ahead of him, Morrow reiterated that his primary focus will be on improving student achievement and creating additional opportunities for students.

“I think we have great staff who care deeply about their work,” said Morrow. “We need to find new ways to creatively engage with communities and shape ourselves to their needs. I feel very honoured and fortunate to be part of this vibrant and growing community.”

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