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Break-in at Courtenay Legion makes three in three days

Courtenay Legion, Yummies & Gyros, and Kingsway Auto broken into on one weekend
The Courtenay Legion building is seen April 25. Earlier this month, a burglar broke-in through the roof and stole items overnight. The burglarly makes three in three days for businesses in the City of Courtenay. (Connor McDowell/Comox Valley Record)

A burglar broke into the Courtenay Legion this month, president Bob McDiarmid confirmed.

The Cliffe Avenue building which serves veterans was broken into the night of Friday, April 12 through the morning of Saturday the 13th, McDiarmid told the Record. He said the burglary is a first.

“This legion has been here 98 years,” said McDiarmid. “This was the first time that it has suffered (from something like this).”

According to McDiarmid, the burglar stole items from the building. However, the items “had no sentimental value whatsoever” to the veteran community. He did not want to disclose what had been stolen.

The burglar broke-in through the roof, McDiarmid told the Record. The hole to enter the building was accessed through a vent, and was “wide enough to squeeze through for a very small person.”

Trying to make sense of the small entry point, McDiarmid originally suspected that the burglar would have had to be something like a 13-year-old. However, after reading of a similar break-in at Yummies & Gyros, which saw a full-grown adult on camera just a day later around the scene of a similar crime, he said he’s not convinced anymore.

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Break-in tools were recovered at Courtenay Legion, as they were at Yummies & Gyros the next night. McDiarmid said the Legion is working to improve protection for the building.

RCMP confirmed to the Record they received a report. The break-in occured sometime between 9 p.m. and 7 a.m., media relations said.

Courtenay Legion’s Bob McDiarmid stands at the poppy flag raising in November of 2023 at Courtenay City Hall. In 2024, McDiarmid said the Legion had been broken into overnight. (Connor McDowell/Comox Valley Record)

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