The flooring experts at End of the Roll Courtenay have some great advice for getting your home ready for the holidays.

The flooring experts at End of the Roll Courtenay have some great advice for getting your home ready for the holidays.

Home for the holidays? Here’s how to ensure your floor is up for the festivities!

Courtney flooring experts share how to get the right floor for your home

Winter weather is on its way, making the current trend toward more durable hard surfaces like vinyl plank and laminate ideal. And with the holidays also around the corner, homeowners are thrilled those same floors look great, too!

“People are just getting more flooring done in general right now,” says End of the Roll Flooring Centre manager Blair Fenton. “It’s been a couple of years since people have hosted a lot of people for the holidays, so they want to get their house looking great for the festive season – whether it’s a new area rug to add a little something to a room, or redoing an entire floor.”

Better water resistance

If you’re looking for a flooring product that can withstand the water and mud that kids and pets inevitably track in during the rainier months, a laminate with some water resistance is the way to go.

“The biggest change to some laminates has been the addition of water resistance,” Fenton says. “You no longer need to worry about those everyday spills or pet accidents ruining your floor. In fact, the water resistance is so good, we don’t hesitate to put it in the kitchen now. It’s always had great scratch resistance too, so for high-traffic areas, and pets, it can’t be beat.”

Suitable wear layers

For those busy spaces, you’ll want something that also has a decent wear layer, but that it’s important to only buy what you need, instead of spending money on flooring that’s overkill for the area.

“When you speak with a flooring advisor, you’ll be able to see the difference between good, better, and best options available,” Fenton says. “Sure, we could put a commercial-grade product meant for a retail store in your kitchen, but you’d be paying a premium when a high-traffic residential product would be more than adequate – without being a budget buster.”

Floor care

Besides picking the right product for your lifestyle, if you want your floor to last and keep looking great for years, floor care is a big part of it.

“The great news is that most flooring is relatively low maintenance,” Fenton says. “Just a simple clean, and you’re pretty much good to go. However, you don’t want a lot of moisture sitting around the floor, so use a product that’s meant for the flooring type. For example, laminate and wood flooring needs different cleaning agents than tile or carpet.”

To make sure you get your fall flooring project done right, visit End of the Roll Flooring Centre’s fully-stocked showroom to get more advice like this from their flooring experts.

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