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Local investment counsel partners with Camosun College to establish Women in Finance Grants

Two new grant opportunities of $1,500 designed to support diversity in the financial sector
In partnership with Camosun College, Alitis Investment Counsel has established two $1,500 Women in Finance Grants.

In an effort to help diversify the financial landscape on Vancouver Island, Alitis Investment Counsel is doing its part to create opportunities for women looking to join the financial sector. In partnership with Camosun College, Alitis Investment Counsel has established two $1,500 Women in Finance Grants as awards for female students in the Bachelor of Business Administration, Accounting Degree program, or the Accounting and Finance, Advanced Certificate program.

Eligible recipients should demonstrate a passion, dedication, and drive to advance the finance industry and improve life for themselves and those around them.

Emily Hofmann, an alumna of Camosun’s Associate’s Degree for Economics and Business Administration, emphasizes that the introduction of these grants is a step in the right direction for aspiring female professionals.

“Women are underrepresented in our industry. On the portfolio management side where staff work directly with clients and their finances, as of December 2022, only 14 per cent of portfolio managers across Canada are women according to the Canadian Investment Regulatory Organization,” says Hofmann.

After 15 years in her profession, Hofmann reflects on her time at Camosun with influential mentors such as financial expert Rob Sorensen.

“Rob was excited about the lessons in finance that he was teaching. Inspired by his stories, I pursued a career at Alitis to help families achieve their financial dreams,” Hofmann says.

For Hofmann, the work she is doing today goes far beyond just investment management. “This is a career that’s dedicated to helping people. You’re building close relationships with clients and getting to know all aspects of their life. Their financial picture, their health, their generational stories, and their goals. I find myself in this unique position where I get to make a significant impact in the lives of my clients.”

Alicia Reny, Regional Office Manager at Alitis, played a crucial role in establishing the Women in Finance Grants through her Community Involvement Proposal.

Expressing her gratitude for being part of Alitis, an organization that prioritizes community, innovation, and learning, Reny says, “Community’ resonates deeply with me, and it’s the reason I was drawn to Alitis. Our emphasis on community highlights the importance of collaboration, support, and inclusivity, which are essential for creating a positive work environment. Our team’s dedication to lifelong learning speaks to the company’s forward-thinking mindset and its willingness to invest in the growth and development of not only our employees but also our communities.”

The award ceremony for the Women in Finance Grants will take place on June 13 at the CTEI Building, Interurban Campus.

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