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Personalize your home with custom cabinet work

Parksville custom cabinet makers work collaboratively to create your dream-home
If you’re looking for a kitchen, wine cellar, or a cabinet space with personality, custom work is the creative way to go for those with a vision.

Despite what you may think, experts need your advice too.

And such is the case within the world of custom cabinetry work. To realize a client’s home renovation dreams, a custom cabinet designer listens, collaborates and works tirelessly to create something unique for their client’s needs and wants. At Parksville’s Mid-Island Cabinets, the team works with clients to build what they want, even if they aren’t sure what that means yet, Karen Petraschuk says. “Even If the client doesn’t have a vision, we try to draw it out from them by asking some key questions. And at the very least, a client will know what they don’t want. We help gear them in the right direction.”

First comes identifying a client’s underlying need and what draws them into a particular space. Petraschuk shares a story in which one client wanted a hidden dog gate in their kitchen. “We created the pull-out dog gate and the customer said it ‘made’ the kitchen,” she says, “that’s what custom work really is all about – collaboration.”

So why is this different from a chain home renovation store?

Let’s break it down:

Pre-Fab: In typical big box home renovation stores, most of what you see is called “pre-fab,” meaning prefabricated, pre-made, or “stock” – it’s fast, easy and cost effective.

But everything has a cost in the long run.

In exchange for convenience, what you get is predetermined materials with a high replacement rate and a product that leaves less room for creativity or adaptability. Pre-fab is good for projects on a tight budget, but it’s only a temporary fix for those looking for something more personalized.

Custom: Custom cabinet work is adaptable, flexible, artisan and detailed. From accessories to colour to layout to budget, these are the many ways custom work puts the client in the driver’s seat and the contractors plotting the course.

“Custom work is really about bringing that vision to life through collaboration,” Petraschuck says. “It’s all about finding that piece that makes them absolutely fall in love with their kitchen.”

While custom cabinetry can come at a higher cost and a longer lead time, the result is unique and independent, crafted with care and creativity – you get exactly what you want and need.

With their own millwork, paint, and stain areas, Mid-Island Cabinets is well-equipped to customize your current kitchen into your dream-kitchen. “Custom is the work we do to make an area special, to make it your own,” Petraschuk says.


Visit Mid-Island Cabinets’ Parksville showroom, head office and production plant at 1500 Springhill Rd., or call 250-954-1789 to schedule an appointment. Located farther south? Check out the Nanaimo showroom at 2-4341 Boban Dr. or call 250-585-2118 to learn more.

The pull-out dog gate Mid Island Cabinets created in this kitchen is a highlight for the homeowners.
To realize a client’s home renovation dreams, a custom cabinet designer listens, collaborates and works to create something unique that addresses their needs and wants.