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Repair or replace? When is it time for a new appliance

Courtenay appliance expert offers advice on modern appliance maintenance, and when to buy new
Lisa and Dustin Parker from Parker’s Appliances and More. For guidance on your next appliance, visit the store at 700 - 29th St. in Courtenay, call 250-334-3171 or visit

When a kitchen, laundry or outdoor appliance stops working properly, Dustin Parker and the staff at Parker’s Appliances and More have a simple calculation to help customers decide whether to repair or replace.

“You have to weigh the age of the appliance against the cost of repairs and the cost of replacement,” Dustin says.

The older an appliance is, the less willing you should be to spend money on repairs. That’s partly because the washing machine or stove is reaching the end of its life and likely to need further repairs soon, and partly because of the dramatic improvements you’ll see in new appliances.

“Generally, if it’s more than five to seven years old and the repairs are going to cost half or more of the appliance’s value, my advice is to purchase new. Unless it has a ton of sentimental value and you absolutely love it, your money is likely better spent on a new appliance,” Dustin says.

Common appliance repairs

Appliances are a lot more complicated than they used to be, and the cost of repairs continues to climb. It’s not just that replacement parts are more expensive, but finding skilled labour is expensive too.

“The average appliance now lasts about seven to 12 years. The first thing that tends to fail is typically the electronic controls, and that’s one of the most expensive things to fix.”

But it’s not all bad news and expensive repair bills. Appliances continue to make advances in energy efficiency — refrigerated products in particular have become dramatically more energy efficient — so it’s worth it to invest in a modern machine.

“The cost of operation on newer models is definitely less than on older models, which can help you recuperate your investment over time,” Dustin says.

Modern appliance solutions

It’s also fun and exciting to explore the new options in store. The friendly and knowledgable staff at Parker’s Appliances and More can help you find something similar to your current freezer or dishwasher, or let you know about other options if you’re ready to try something different.

Once you’ve made your purchase, most of the major appliance brands offer a one year warranty on their products. But Dustin says savvy customers have found a solution that offers peace of mind.

“More and more customers are purchasing added coverage, to ensure they have peace of mind once the factory warranty expires,” he says. “It’s a great way to plan ahead and avoid a hefty repair bill in the future.”

For more guidance on your next appliance, stop by Parker’s Appliances and More at 700 - 29th St. in Courtenay, call 250-334-3171 or visit