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Second-hand scooters meet urgent need in Comox Valley

Family medical mobility business improves accessibility and affordability with consignment sales
Rhiannon Dawkins and Phil Adams of North Island Medical Mobility testing out a few of the store’s current selection of second-hand scooters, sold on consignment.

Injury and illness has a tendency to shrink our worlds, as we rely on others for help or find regular excursions too challenging to tackle. But with the right scooter, someone stuck in their home is suddenly able to go out for coffee on their own. With the right lift chair, someone stuck in their living room is suddenly able to get up without assistance.

But as mobility aids expand your horizons they can also can shrink your bank account, so Rhiannon Dawkins and Phil Adams of North Island Medical Mobility have come up with a solution to improve accessibility. The store is now offering consignment for scooters, power wheelchairs, manual wheelchairs and lift chairs in good condition.

“If you’re on a limited budget and don’t need a top-of-the-line machine or fancy extended warranty, there is a lot of excellent used equipment available,” Rhiannon says.

Consignment is also a big help to families when a loved one has passed away, or their level of care has elevated beyond their ability to use the equipment.

“There’s definitely demand for gently-used equipment. The trick is matching buyers to equipment, and it can be hard to get the timing right if you’re only selling a single piece. We bridge the gap, and can store your equipment with our other inventory until we find the perfect match.”

Consignment sales at NI Medical Mobility

  • NI Medical Mobility is now accepting scooters, power wheelchairs, manual wheelchairs and lift chairs in good condition for consignment sale.
  • For a flat rate fee regardless of equipment type, NI Medical Mobility will store your equipment, promote your equipment on their website and post ads in popular online classifieds.
  • Browse current selection at

Sustainability and accessibility

Consignment is a great solution for families who no longer need a piece of mobility equipment.

“This equipment is expensive, and they may need to liquidate that value to pay for new care needs,” Rhiannon says. “It also just feels good to give something a second life instead of throwing it in the trash.”

While NI Medical Mobility has managed supply chain challenges well and is proud to have a wide selection in store, Rhiannon thinks the consignment model is responsible for a sustainable future.

“I think the world is going to continue to get smaller, and in general we may need to source more of our needs from closer to home. Freight costs have gone up, rubber production is down and that has affected scooter tires, factories overseas have seen significant disruptions. We’ve also seen some major mobility brands make abrupt changes to their product line, which further emphasizes the importance of reducing and re-using closer to home.”

Find North Island Medical Mobility at #6-468 29th St. in Courtenay, or at Sign up for the NIMM Care Card, a membership service offering great perks to regular clients, or schedule a free consultation. Call 250-331-5656 or email and follow them on Facebook.