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How Is Brown Fat Different From White Fat? Does Brown Apidose Tissue Help Lose Weight?

What is brown fat?

What is brown fat?

As you know, adipose tissue is fat, and it’s what you’re made up of if you are above a healthy weight. There are two types of adipose – white and brown.

White adipose is what we typically think of as fat that stores energy to be used later on. It’s the type of fat most people want to get rid of because it’s essentially useless. However, another kind of adipose called BAT or brown adipose tissue burns calories no matter your size or how much you exercise.

BAT has recently become popular in weight loss circles for its ability to work just like exercise but burn way more calories than either one could alone! You may have heard of it as a shortcut to weight loss, but what happens when you get cold? Let’s take a look.

How does BAT work?

When your body gets cold, a nervous system reaction results in chemical changes that cause brown adipose tissue to burn calories. You activate beta-adrenergic receptors, which then release norepinephrine into the bloodstream.

This causes the mitochondria in your cells to produce energy for heat and calorie burning through the protein UCP1 (uncoupling protein 1). This process – known as thermogenesis – uses up to 200 calories per day, making many people wonder if they can lose weight simply by wearing layers or wrapping up in blankets! It also means there’s no reason to exercise all day to burn calories!

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What makes brown fat so unique?

The first thing that makes brown adipose tissue (BAT) different from other cells’ is its location. Brown adipose tissue is usually located between muscle groups with high mitochondria concentrations. Mitochondria are the powerhouses of cells, and they break down carbohydrates and fatty acids to produce ATP, which is the primary source of your body’s energy. BAT also contains high blood vessels, making it easy to deliver fatty acids and glucose throughout the tissue.

The second thing that makes brown fat unique is that it can use both lipids (fats) and glucose for fuel but does not have to rely on either alone. Brown adipose tissue uses glucose mainly when you are at rest or need short bursts of exercise strength. When you start exercising vigorously, or it gets cold outside, your body starts breaking down fatty acids to use as an alternative fuel.

The third unique thing about brown fat is its ability to generate heat without a furnace. This means your body produces heat even when there isn’t any flame around. When activated, the mitochondria in brown adipose tissue start making heat by burning fatty acids and glucose. It does this by a process called uncoupling protein 1 (UCP1). Uncoupling proteins break down carbohydrates, and fatty acids to be used as fuel and produce heat.

The fourth thing that makes brown fat unique is that it burns more calories per gram than any other type of body fat. The mitochondria in brown adipose tissue burn fat and glucose to produce heat. Converting energy from food into heat is called thermogenesis, which has three times as much energy as it takes to keep the furnace burning.

Boosting Adipose Tissue

Boosting adipose tissue may be an effective weight-loss tool, as research has shown it tends to be higher in lean people than overweight and obese individuals. Exercise and a healthy diet may increase levels of brown adipose tissue (BAT), which burns fat as heat, potentially making it easier for those with high levels to lose weight.

A study published online on January 25, 2013, in the Journal of Clinical Endocrinology & Metabolism, examined data from 20 previous studies that measured BAT activity using positron-emission tomography (PET) scans. Researchers found a strong correlation between increased BAT activity and lower body mass index (BMI). In other words, people with more brown fat tended to have less BMI. Further analysis showed that higher physical activity levels and higher dietary protein intake were also associated with increased BAT levels.

Possible explanations for the correlation between BMI and brown adipose tissue include:

  • Hormone-induced thermogenesis (which occurs in brown adipose tissue).
  • Lipid turnover.
  • Lipid oxidation (the body’s ability to break down fat).

Exercise may increase these processes throughout the body, making weight loss easier by inducing thermogenesis [or stimulating the metabolism]. Researchers suggest that people may boost their weight loss efforts by increasing both exercise and protein consumption through diet.

White Fat Versus Brown Fat

White fat is terrible for weight loss, but brown fat appears good for weight loss. White fat serves as the type of body fat that accumulates beneath your skin and can expand to twice its size. While brown fat was considered useless for years because it burned so poorly, scientists now know that this type of body fat burns calories much more quickly than white fat.

Brown fat cells have more mitochondria than white cells, and mitochondria are the cell’s powerhouses. They convert stored energy in food molecules called “free fatty acids” into heat that other parts of your body can use. Brown fat burns white fat by producing heat, which keeps you warm during cold temperatures or caloric deprivation.

Your brown adipose tissue (BAT) has energy-burning properties that might help fight against obesity and diabetes, according to researchers at Harvard Medical School’s Department of Genetics. Cold temperatures stimulate the energy-burning process in your BAT so you can conserve valuable energy for warmth.

Brown Adipose Tissue and Weight Loss Research

Scientists have found a link between brown adipose tissue (BAT), the excellent body fat that burns calories, and weight loss. At lower temperatures, metabolically inactive BAT starts burning calories to produce heat. The study’s researchers suggest using this as a natural way to boost metabolism.

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