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Area B Director candidate: Jim Gillis

Comox Valley Regional District: Gillis, Jim - Director candidate
Jim Gillis

Area B Director Jim Gillis announced he will be seeking a third term.

I will be championing the Regional Growth Strategy (RGS), protecting the Area’s rural lifestyle and putting 100 per cent support behind the environment. Without the RGS we would have growth without a plan. We need to ensure that 90 per cent of the growth is in the city, town and village with some growth in the CVRD development nodes.

Our major economic driver is the environment.

People flock to the Valley to take advantage of our rural lifestyle and the myriad outdoor activities.

Lifestyle and our environment is what sells in the Comox Valley. Let’s support it, promote it and protect it.

We must work together with all of the communities in the Valley. I have worked with some great people over the last six years and we have seen steady progress.

With the support of our electoral area directors, we have catalogued over 125 public access road ends to the ocean from the Oyster River to Chef Creek.

Park leases have been increased from 10 to 30 years; interconnecting trails created and stairs built so local citizens can walk in their community and access the ocean.

Our goal is to provide interconnecting trails from one community to another and to ensure where possible there is access for all.

I believe over the last six years, that I have made a positive difference to how we live, work and play in the Valley.

There is more to do, and I am trusting that the citizens of Area B and the Comox Valley will support me for another four years.”

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Jim can be reached via email at throughout the campaign.