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BC Parks will not pursue proposed new campground at Christina Lake

A proposal to build an expanded provincial campground at Christina Lake has been kiboshed by BC Parks.
BC Parks has announced it will not pursue a proposed new 25-site campground at Christina Lake.

A proposal to build an expanded provincial campground at Christina Lake has been kiboshed by BC Parks.

An announcement on March 8 stated that that BC Park “has decided no to pursue establishing a 25-site campground at Christina Lake park,” after following up on residents’ concerns about the project.

“BC Park’s 2022 attendance data collection and analysis confirmed and reinforced the concerns and survey responses that re-purposing up to 50 per cent of the parking space would limit public beach/lake access in the summer when it is busiest,” read the announcement on the agency’s website.

Christina Lake Provincial Park is currently a six-hectare day-use park on the south end of the lake near Highway 3. Due to “extreme demand across B.C. for camping and outdoor recreation opportunities,” the Christina Lake project was among the list of projects to be created fro, a $21.5 million investment from the province over three years to enhance those opportunities, particularly in the South Coast, West Coast and Southern Interior.

The Christina Lake proposal would have meant converting two of the four existing parking lots into a new 25-site campground. The stretch of beach would have remained available for day-use, and the two other parking lots left as is.

However, after public consultation, including surveys of locals, BC Parks determined that re-purposing as much as 50 per cent of of the parking space at Christina Lake park would limit public beach and lake access in the summer when it is busiest.

“Day-use access is an important feature of this park, and the proposal was not compatible with that,” the BC Parks statement read. “Feedback on BC Parks’ summer 2022 online survey emphasized the importance of managing the park to support lake-orientated day use opportunities.”

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