World Community Film Festival organizer and founding board member Janet Fairbanks and co-ordinator (and filmmaker) Ed Carswell preview the festival. File photo

Comox Valley Record launches Off The Page podcast

First episode drops Jan. 26 with a focus on World Community Film Festival

The Comox Valley Record is launching a podcast.

Exploring new storytelling tools, Off The Page is a weekly podcast with the goal to take a deeper look at the Valley community, and stories spanning the area and Vancouver Island.

It is hosted by journalist Erin Haluschak along with special weekly guests, with a focus on going beyond the story on the page to learn more about people, innovators, local matters and more in the Valley.

The inaugural episode launches Wednesday, Jan. 26 with World Community Film Festival organizer and founding board member Janet Fairbanks, and co-ordinator (and filmmaker) Ed Carswell, to preview the upcoming festival, and discuss its origins, longevity and how the festival is adapting to the pandemic.

“When we first started, we were looking at what’s going on in the world,” says Fairbanks on the podcast. “And I think we were focusing on what are all the problems in the world. And after two or three years, we had people saying, ‘I don’t want to watch any more of these films,’ was one comment that somebody said, and we realized that what we needed to do was really look at solutions as much as possible.

“So while we don’t avoid the tough issues that are happening in the world – you know, we need to look at climate change, we need to look at the environmental issues that are happening – but we also really want to focus on what are the solutions, and particularly, you know, in times like this, when we have COVID happening, we really wanted to have some films that were uplifting and positive and entertaining. And I think we’ve done a good job of getting a great program together to do that.”

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