Courtenay approves new fees for water, sewer

Residential sewer fees will got up to $163.50 this year from $159 last year


Courtenay council adopted the new fees and charges bylaw relating to water and sewer user rates on Tuesday.

Residential sewer user fees will go up to $163.50 this year from $159 last year. Because the bylaw was adopted partway into the year, $162.20 will be the blended rate for this year.

The City will also continue on with its plan to shift the structure of water rates to increase unmetered water rates and decrease metered water rates in an effort to make the rates more fair for metered customers, as City CAO Tillie Manthey had noted at the March 26 strategic planning session.

The minimum unmetered residential user rate inside the City of Courtenay is now $317 for 2012, up from $300 last year. Again, because the bylaw was adopted partway into the year, the blended rate for 2012 is $312.

Multi-family metered rates vary depending on usage but have decreased by over two per cent.

There are not metered single residential units in the City.

For more information on these rates, find the 2012 to 2016 financial plan at



Courtenay council passed a motion to enter into the 2012 Municipal Police Unit Agreement, covering the term of April 1, 2012 to March 31, 2032.