Cumberland council approves Comox Lake Road repairs

Scott Stanfield

Record Staff

Cumberland council approved Monday a $400,000 expenditure to fix a section of Comox Lake Road that has been confined to a single lane near the entrance to the campground.

Based on the recommendation of an engineer, council had earlier decided to close the lane nearest the lake until it decided how to address the issue.

“The bank’s been creeping over the years,” said manager of operations Rob Crisfield, who has fielded numerous complaints about the damaged road in the last couple of years.

The village approached the Transportation Ministry and BC Hydro, which acknowledged some responsibility for the problem.

“Because it’s a hydraulic lake — they control the level — it probably has been contributing to the movement of that slope over the years,” Crisfield said.

BC Hydro has contributed $200,000 to the approximate $675,000 project. Funds are available until March 31, 2015.

“It was either let it be, or take advantage of the money that is available from Hydro to move forward,” Crisfield said.

The village is planning to commence work early in the new year.