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Cumberland school asks road safety questions

Active transport group wants council to work with school district on plan
The Cumberland Community School has expressed safety concerns about school access. Photo by Mike Chouinard

Cumberland parents are concerned about traffic issues near the community school.

At a recent council meeting, Mike Tunnah, the active transport project lead, contacted the village about how, through the school’s active transport work, they have identified the area of Ulverston Avenue and First Street as dangerous and congested because of the number of road users. In his email, he asked the village to work with School District 71 on solutions to the problem.

Mayor Leslie Baird said she had met with him to talk about steps that could be taken.

“They’re very concerned about the safety of the school children on the property,” she said.

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The mayor said the village will be working with the school community on a plan to address the safety questions, which will include costing of measures, but they first need an official way to start the working relationship.

“This is the beginning of the process,” she added.

Coun. Vickey Brown asked that the village incorporate this information into its active transportation report. She also wondered about adding a school zone for First Street, though she pointed out the province decides on school zones. She also wanted to know whether the local government had any speed zone powers that could help in the area.

Baird responded that they are looking at setting up a plan at this point before they work on specifics, which will include costs and priorities.

“Everything cannot be done the first year,” she said. “Even the beginning of the plan will help a great deal with the access up there.”

Council unanimously supported Brown’s motion for the village to engage with the school district over safety issues and active transport in the area near Cumberland Community School.

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