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Polls are now closed for the provincial election

B.C.’s snap election has already broken records for advance voter turnout, mail-in ballots

Polls opened at 8 a.m. this morning, and 12 hours later – with apologies to Monty Python’s Election Night Special skit – the clock has struck “Kevin Phillip-Bong” on the provincial election.

Voting stations are now closed. Let the waiting game begin.

We will be monitoring local results from the polling stations this evening and updating readers with the numbers. We encourage everyone to keep up with what’s going on through our Facebook page. The Record will provide a recap at the end of the night based on where the numbers stand, who the frontrunner is and so on.

Like almost everything else in 2020 though, things will be a little different. With factors such as the mail-in ballots, the picture this evening will be incomplete. Almost a quarter of registered voters also came out for the advance polls.

Stay tuned to the Record tonight – and in the days ahead, as we’ll bring you the results of the final outcome.

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