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Off The Page podcast: Leslie Cox

Cox reflects on a career transition, growing food and impacts of extreme weather events on gardening

She is a gardener, an educator, owner (along with her husband) of Growing Concern Cottage Garden and writes a twice-monthly column for the Record on all things gardening.Now, Leslie Cox can add podcaster to the list.

Cox is the guest on the third edition of the Comox Valley Record’s new podcast Off The Page, which is out on Feb. 9.

In the episode, Cox talks about how her family pivoted from shift workers to working full time in horticulture, food security and growing food, basics for beginner gardeners and the challenges behind growing in climate extremes.

She offers tips to those growing in the Comox Valley and even some of the things she most looks forward to in this upcoming season.

“And to be truthful, (gardening) was probably one of the best careers that we could have selected for ourselves because it helped us in the transition. It was difficult going from a corporate career to a farming career and working for ourselves, but working in the garden is very nurturing and very calming,” she notes.

Cox explains despite being a small valley, the area is quite diverse in terms of zones. She says there are noticeable differences even between Black Creek and Comox and challenges with soil differences between the two areas.

She adds that the area is blessed with a good growing climate and a decently long growing season that can supply a fair amount of either floral beauty or food stocks.

“There’s so much to learn at the beginning and it can be overwhelming. But the best thing to do is just to jump in with both feet and get them wet. Get your hands dirty, get your fingers in the soil and get dirt under your fingernails. One thing about gardening is you’re always learning and classes are always open in a garden. Gardening is a wonderful pastime in my mind, and I’m passionate about it.”

As for Cox’s favourite plant she’s looking forward to this growing season?

You’ll have to listen to Off The Page in order to find out.

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