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‘So stupid’: Ryan Reynolds reminds B.C. to spring ahead for daylight saving time

Daylight saving time begins at 2 a.m. March 13, much to chagrin of actor Ryan Reynolds
Daylight saving time begins at 2 a.m. Sunday, March 13. (Black Press file)

While the Province of B.C. has legislation allowing for abolishing standard time, people are still required to set their clocks an hour ahead before turning in tonight.

Daylight saving time will begin at 2 a.m. Pacific Standard Time on Sunday, March 13 and will last until 2 a.m. Nov. 6.

The B.C. government laid out plans for permanent daylight saving time in 2019, but it is dependent on the U.S. states of California, Oregon and Washington also approving changes.

Not all British Columbians are for permanent daylight saving time however. In a social media post reminding people to set their clocks and promoting the movie The Adam Project, actor Ryan Reynolds expresses his disdain.

“I still think [daylight saving time] is so stupid,” Reynolds said.

“It’s idiotic,” said co-star Mark Ruffalo.

Premier John Horgan agreed, writing back that changing the clocks ‘sucks’.

“We’ve always said it makes sense for BC to stay aligned with our southern neighbours in WA, OR and CA. Once they get congressional approval, we’ll end the time changes here in BC for good.”

The Yukon and parts of Saskatchewan have implemented permanent daylight saving time, meaning they won’t have to worry about “springing ahead.”

– files from the Canadian Press

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