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Theos seeks seventh term on Courtenay council

I’m pleased to announce I’ll be running for a seventh term on Courtenay city council.
Manno Theos

I’m pleased to announce I’ll be running for a seventh term on Courtenay city council.

It has been my privilege representing Courtenay residents for over 20 years, and I believe people value clear communication and to feel they’ve been heard.

I feel it’s an elected person’s role to provide core services efficiently, respecting every tax dollar.

Over the past few years residents of Courtenay have expressed concern and frustration with out-of-control housing and rental costs, encampments, rising property taxes, as well as the design and costs of the 5th, 6th and 17th Street cycling projects.

Additionally, in question is the need for efficient waste pick-up, the planning for new growth in Courtenay, and continued recovery for communities and businesses in the wake of the pandemic.

My focus will be:

*Crime prevention to ensure safety of residents and businesses.

*Encouraging provincial government to invest in modernized, solution-based resources for those facing mental health challenges.

*More creative and beneficial land use ideas such as mixed use, tiny/small home building, use of clean energy where possible.

*Exploring the possibility of having a tech/knowledge based park in the Comox Valley, which creates meaningful jobs and adds new revenue to the tax base.

*Keep expenditures within revenue growth, and with the same level of accountability and discipline as a thriving small business.

*Greater investment in economic development, tourism, arts and culture.

Together we can all thrive, make your voice heard on Oct. 15.

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