Turner defending seat on Comox council

Coun. Marcia Turner will defend her seat on Comox council.

Coun. Marcia Turner will defend her seat on Comox council.

“Comox has done very well in obtaining provincial and federal grants to update our infrastructure and actively seeking funding partners will help to ensure that taxpayers get good value for dollar,” said Turner.

The Town recently concluded a successful partnership with the

nature trust to purchase the new waterfront park and Turner feels that there are other opportunities to work with them to protect important habitat areas and get parkland.

She is committed to smart growth and age friendly development since 1992, when plans came forward showing housing in the vacant Crown lands in Comox, she has worked diligently to protect this area in perpetuity.

Marcia is a founding member of the friends of Lazo Forest Reserve Society, and served as vice-president for 13 years.

Turner believes that continuing with walkway and cycle lane

development is important to the overall health and vitality of the

Town of Comox.

As the Town’s representative on the Comox Archives and Museum

board, she has been a strong advocate for moving the museum and the Pearl Ellis Gallery to its new location on Comox Avenue.

“This will make our main street more exciting and benefit our

downtown business community,” said Turner.

“Thank you to the citizens of Comox for allowing me to represent

you. it would be a pleasure to continue to work with you to ensure

that our community is a place where all citizens can thrive.”

Turner can be reached at 250-339-0167 or e-mail mturner@comox.ca.

Marcia Turner