Vandalism at three schools in Comox Valley over weekend

Vandalism at three schools in Comox Valley over weekend

School district estimates cost of damage to be about $2,000

The school district responded to a rash of vandalism that took place on school property at three sites during the weekend of Nov. 30.

A number of windows had been broken from large rocks thrown at two school properties including Highland Secondary School and Ecole Robb Road. A third site, a construction trailer located at Ecole Puntledge Park, also incurred damage when someone broke into the structure.

Unfortunately, this vandalism will cost the school district funding that would have been allocated to other district resources to benefit students and staff. Superintendent Tom Demeo explained that vandalism impacts the entire District.

“An attack on one school is an attack on all schools,” he said. “The cost of repairs and the overtime for our carpentry staff will come out of funds that could be directed toward other programs. Sadly, when the district has to reallocated money, it has an effect on all students.”

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The cost of the damage is estimated at $2,000. In total, approximately 15 hours of labour was spent repairing and replacing windows and cleaning up the shard glass inside the schools.

RCMP were notified immediately about the vandalism and are calling upon the public to report any suspicious behaviour that neighbours or bystanders may have witnessed at any of the three school locations.