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Work on damaged containers sparks another fire aboard MV Zim Kingston in Nanaimo

Sparks from grinder ignite fire in exposed insulation of damaged shipping container
The MV Zim Kingston arrives in Nanaimo Harbour earlier this month. Sparks from grinding metal ignited a fire aboard the ship on Tuesday, Dec. 21, at Nanaimo’s Duke Point. (File photo)

The container ship MV Zim Kingston was the scene of another fire onboard this week.

Ian Marr, Nanaimo Port Authority president and CEO, said he was still waiting for more information about a fire that broke out Tuesday, Dec. 21, but said it started in insulation in one of two damaged containers workers were removing from the ship.

The Zim Kingston lost more than 100 containers overboard in stormy seas off the west coast of Vancouver Island in October and then caught fire. It arrived in Nanaimo Harbour earlier this month.

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Yesterday’s fire started in the early afternoon.

“I think some sparks caught some exposed insulation in one of the damaged containers,” Marr said. “They were grinding something or whatever they had to do to get to it. It was a quick little fire and they put it out right away. They’ve got a 24-hour fire watch on there and thermal cameras.”

Marr said he is awaiting a full incident report, which was ordered by Capt. Satinder Singh, harbour master and vice-president of marine operations. No one was injured and the fire was extinguished by the fire watch at the DP World berth in Duke Point where the damaged containers are being unloaded from the ship.

Mar said about eight to 10 damaged containers are being removed from the ship daily. The work is expected to be completed by the end of December when the MV Zim Kingston will sail to the Lower Mainland to unload its remaining cargo.

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