Youth award idea floated in Comox

Comox Coun. Hugh MacKinnon hopes to honour the memory of a former Comox councillor by recognizing youth within Comox.

While finalizing the terms of reference at Wednesday’s committee of the whole, Comox Coun. Hugh MacKinnon hopes to honour the memory of a former Comox councillor through the recognition of youth within the Comox community.MacKinnon formally proposed his idea in September of creating community achievement awards aimed at youth (under 25) bearing the name of Ray Crossley — a three-term councillor who passed away suddenly about a year ago.”It recognizes somebody who has had extraordinary contributions to the community,” he said.He asked council for direction and suggestions as to who are eligible for the awards, how often should the award be presented, and how the awards are presented.Wednesday, Coun. Ken Grant suggested the award be more inclusive, and not particularly aimed at a youth living within town boundaries.”If someone from out of town did something great, it would be a shame to leave them out because they don’t live here,” he said.Grant suggested to add any youth who has has contributed significantly to the betterment of the town of Comox be it current or former resident to the eligibility requirement, which was passed by council.MacKinnon suggested the creation of an ad-hoc committee to determine how the names of youth are brought forward to the award, which he proposed would consist of representation from the Comox fine arts, athletic and school communities and a representative from a Comox service club.The motion was approved unanimously.Recipients of the Comox Community Achievement Award will be presented with a framed certificate and a town