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March 02, 2023

Notice of Proposed Disposition and Assistance

The City of Courtenay intends to grant a licence for municipally owned property to the Pacific Salmon Foundation for the occupation of approximately 36 square foot portion of unimproved land to install, operate and maintain a passive integrated transponder antenna system. Licence began on January 1, 2023 for five years plus one five year renewal option, equaling a total maximum term of 10 years.

Civic Address:

559 – 3rd Street, Courtenay, BC*

Assigned To:

The Pacific Salmon Foundation


Consideration to be received is $1.

This is less than fair market rent for similar properties and constitutes assistance to The Pacific Salmon Foundation.

Estimated fair market rent for unimproved lands is $0.23 sq. ft. per year or $8.28 per year

  * Legally described as: PID: 028-419-910, Lot 1, Plan VIP88574, District Lot 118, Section 61

  This notice is pursuant to Community Charter Section 24 , 26 and 94

Adriana Proton,

Corporate Officer