Chester Edwin Fulmore

November 3, 1928 – January 2, 2020
Chester passed away peacefully at home on January 2, 2020 at 10:50 pm. He was born in Edgeworth, Saskatchewan, November 3,1928
Chester was a dedicated man, first of all to his God, also to his family, his work and most of the pursuits he ventured into.
He sought to bring up his family to know and love God and prayed for them daily. He also spent much of his time and money to bring the message of the hope found in Jesus to those who had not yet heard it. His life of love for others has impacted people around the world and a major portion of his retirement years were spent abroad in Jamaica, Mexico and the Philippines ministering to people on streets, in churches, schools and jails.
In work he was known for his honesty, fairness and responsibility. In leisure he enjoyed sports and playing games and was a competitive person, but a good sport, displaying his gentle character.
He will be dearly missed by all who knew him, but even in death his greatest wish would be that this event in time might bring the people in his life closer to God, that they might be able to grasp hold of the peace, love and hope he had found in Jesus.
Chester was predeceased by his wife Gerda, his sister Hazel, his brothers Arnold and Les and his son Daryl.
He is survived by his sisters, Shirley McCracken and Marion Fulmore, his daughter Eleanor Ingram, daughter-in-law Darlene Gabriel, sons Darren and Dwight and his 10 grandchildren and 12 great grandchildren.
A memorial celebration of his life will be held on Friday January 10th at 3 pm at Courtenay Fellowship Baptist Church.
 Piercy’s Mt. Washington Funeral HOme

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