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Kerry Elaine (Nee Miller) Wilson

December 5, 2022

September 5, 1958 - December 5, 2022
In loving memory ~
If you are reading this, I am no longer here; I am in fact, everywhere, all at once. My favourite people to thank are my six remaining siblings, plus many friends, especially my beloved husband Rob. I would have been quite lost without him.
I love my children, Jonathan and Erin more than anything else in the whole world, and I am especially thankful for their arrival into my life and their continued presence. To Jon, keep thinking big and aiming high, you've got this. To Erin, you're doing everything right, go easy on yourself. I love you more than you'll ever know. Big thanks also to James Andru, who is their dad. My grandchildren are my passion, and I am ever so grateful for them.
As many of you will know, my faith is my guiding light, through good times and bad. It hasn't always been this way- I spent the latter part of my teens and early 20's wandering through the darkness, sick both spiritually and physically, hoping to die - almost made it too. Then came a rebirth, which flipped my world and made me whole.
I am filled with gratitude for having had parents who loved each other, which was reflected in how they loved us. Weren't we blessed, with laughter and hugs!
Special thanks to my brother David Miller, who throughout my life, has supported me, even when I didn't know he was there. When I was an infant, it was David who sterilized my bottles, mixed the formula, and fed me.
My sister Jane Herman taught me to be an actor and even to cry on demand, and she never pinched me. Not once. Jane also spent many years encouraging me to let go and just be myself. Thank you, Janie. I am grateful to all of you. I feel loved and secure. Thank you also for your notes and calls after having received a small token from my closet to yours. Thank you for including me in your respective families, even though I live far, far away.
What can I say, Rob? Such an adventure we packed into such a short time! I love you and I've always admired and respected your view of life. I know you'll carry me in your heart. Keep doing exactly what you're doing. I've decided that the spirit I'll inhabit is the one who hides the remote - HA HA. Just for you babe.
Way too many friends to mention but here's a start: Cheryl Desaulnier, Jody Kydd, Susan McCullough, Eliza Garzitto, Heather McQueen,
Darcy Zerkee, Esq, Megan Spring
Also, all the horsey women I've met over the years, some I've kept and some who needed to be left behind, but still in a place of love.
Big thanks as well to Tanalee Hesse, who gave me my career, and stuck with me to teach me how to use my skill set.
Thanks also to Dr. Rachel McKenzie (best GP ever), Dr. Tanja Daws, the nurses, and staff at the Wellness Centre at CVH, and one last BIG thank you to Hunter the Wonder Pony, who is my church, bible, best friend and boyfriend. Good Boy and God Speed.
Cancer (The Big Scary Thing)
I remember feeling a dreadful serenity when I found my first lump. The day was crystal clear, and the world looked beautiful. As things began to progress, it soon sped up in what felt like light years, it seemed as though each day brought new developments. A few bumps along the way, where I had to bring out the Kerry Magic to sort things out. Even very smart doctors don't always get it right.
And now, last but never least my Katznelson family:
Laurie Len: The sisterhood we share is unlike any I've ever experienced. Thank you for being so cool throughout my teen years (wink wink).
STEVE!: You remain and will always be my hero. I cannot express my gratitude in words that will make sense or describe the joy and relief you gave when you provided a heavenly retirement for Hunter. It reaches far beyond what anyone else could have or would have done.
Jake, Sarah, and Emily: Good luck on your ventures, adventures, and careers; your travels and your lives. You are the most excellent of people and I love you very much.
And finally, to everyone, I wish you God's spirit and good health. Be thankful for your responsibilities and take care of one another.
Cancer sucks, but it also comes with enormous blessings, remember that.

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