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A contradiction at the marina’s fish cleaning table

Dear editor,

Once again I laugh at the absurdity of our DFO.

Recently at a fish cleaning table at a marina I was facing two signs from DFO.

The first appealing to all fishermen to deposit the heads of all marked hatchery fish in the supplied bucket to help track fish migration.

The second sign warns all fishermen that all salmon are to have their heads and tails left on until you are at your permanent residence so that the fish may be identifiable as to species and size should a DFO officer wish to inspect them.

I’m sorry but I am confused – which rule do I follow?

On enquiring, I was told that Rule 2 must be followed and then you must return the heads  to the station to be deposited in the bucket. Ain’t gonna happen!

Hello … is a cleaning station not set up to help eliminate fishermen having to put stinking fish guts, heads and tails in their garbage cans?

I know these rules are meant to stop poachers from taking illegal sized salmon and to eliminate people from keeping more than their allocated possession or seasonal limits … but they also require some discretion and common sense on the part of the DFO.

If a person from Nanaimo for instance is camping in Comox for a month is he or she required to go home every time they have four fish and then return with the heads?

Brent Cunliffe



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