Christmas Commen-Terry: A yuletide tradition from the Comox Valley Record editor’s desk

Christmas Commen-Terry: A yuletide tradition from the Comox Valley Record editor’s desk

’Tis the day before Christmas

Most staff members gone.

I sit in my office,

One light is left on.

The front page is sent,

My last thing to do

An annual tradition, a poem for you.

As 2019 ends, and a new year is nigh,

It’s time to reflect on what happened close by.

So where to begin,

When recapping the good

Things that took place in our neighbourhood?

Lake Trail Road is as good a place as any,

With brand new homes being built for so many.

Six families received keys to houses, their own

Thanks to Habitat for Humanity, but they weren’t alone.

The entire community chipped in to aid.

And before you knew it, six houses were made.

The Lake Trail Road build is almost complete.

Another two families, to finish the feat.

And how about that new build, way up on the hill

Mount Washington’s zip line is ready to thrill.

Have you tried it yet? I’m a little afraid.

I think I’ll stick to my hiking instead.

The Fifth Street Bridge debate raged on,

Applauded by many, berated by some.

Cyclists are happy; safety comes first

Motorists are upset; this plan is the worst.

An election took place,

It was federal this year,

With a lot of new faces, though none of them here.

Gord Johns kept his seat,

As did Ms. Blaney,

But the rest of their party,

Did not keep as many.

Albertans got mad,

Formed something called Wexit

Please don’t include B.C.

We don’t want to exit.

A teen from Sweden caused quite a stir.

Adored by the left, but the right dislikes her.

Her message is clear,

We must change our ways,

Or soon it will be,

The end of our days.

Hogwash, says the right.

This happened before.

They deny today’s science,

But believe that of yore.

Tinney Davidson – the waving granny – is moving locations

The kids will sure miss her daily salutations.

For the last 12 years, Tinney would wave as they passed,

On their way to school, her dedication unsurpassed.

The students from Highland responded in style,

Came by en masse, to make Tinney smile

300 students showed up on her lawn,

To bid her farewell, before she was gone.

Business in the Valley picked up, and expanded.

Now that legal marijuana has landed.

Cannabis outlets have opened their doors,

Eat, drink, or smoke it, the choice is now yours.

The junior hockey team had reason to cheer

First win for the Yetis in almost a year.

Could playoffs be next? Let’s not get ahead.

Maybe a three-game win streak instead.

And who could forget our big spelling mistake

And all the publicity that came in its wake

The stores have been busy with out-of-town buyers

All thanks to a Late Night plug from Seth Meyers

But now it’s all quiet on Cliffe Avenue

As we hope for a visit from you-know-who

The kids are asleep,

The adults are waitin’

For the big guy in red

Santa! Not Satan!

So shut off your tablets, your iPhones, your Macs

Kick off your shoes, it’s time to relax.

For hours from now will be Christmas morn,

And we celebrate, a child was born.

To one and all, thanks for reading this year

Come back in 2020, we’ll all be here,

To fill you all in on the local news,

As well as Beefs & Bouquets to amuse.

We look forward to keeping you all up to date.

With all that makes the Comox Valley so great.

As for now, I’ll go home, and track Santa’s flight.

Merry Christmas to all, and to all a good night.

Terry Farrell is the editor of the Comox Valley Record. He can be reached at

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