Comox Valley Beefs & Bouquets for the week of Jan. 28

Beef to loud talkers; bouquet to medical personnel

Do you have someone to thank, or a peeve to get off your chest? Send it to

Record staff reserve the right to edit all submissions, and discard Beefs deemed to be libelous or mean-spirited. We will not publish beefs (complaints) about private businesses or charities. Please keep submissions within 150 words. Although the post will be anonymous, include a contact name and phone number, because there’s a draw every week for a meal for two from Dairy Queen. This week’s winner is Brian Goodwin.


TO THE WOMAN in the doctor’s office, sitting in the well-labeled “Quiet Zone.” It was apparent from the volume of your non-stop talking that you had a hearing issue. Apparently, you can’t read either. Your trips to Mexico over the last 40 years were of little interest to me and (had you looked around at body language) several others that had to endure your monologue. Thankfully all the others waiting for their name to be called adhered to the signage. Your disregard remains a mystery.


A GOLIATH BOUQUET of love, thanks and praise to all members of the Courtenay Baptist Church on Lake Trail Road from the Arden Elementary community. Your generosity of 20 turkeys at Thanksgiving, your Bonanza after-school program for over 40 of our children every other Wednesday, and the numerous gift cards for our families at Christmas time demonstrates your example of love to all the Comox Valley. The staff and parents at Arden cannot thank you enough and we are truly blessed to have you for our neighbours. God bless you all.


I WOULD LIKE TO thank the driver/delivery person who delivers the papers in Valley Vista Estates! Appreciate their time! They do a great job!


A GREAT BIG raw piece of beef to the people that make fun of people that suffer depression! Be careful with your words and mean cruel comments as karma is right around the corner.


BOUQUETS OF BEANIES to the person on Lancaster Way who returned the black Oakley beanie to our mailbox. Was a Christmas present and had spent days looking for it, and lo and behold next time I went for my mail, it was there. Appreciate having it back.


A GREAT BIG ALBUM of great tunes to the crew of the Raven 100.7 fm for giving us finally another venue of music to listen to, so if you love country music like I do tune in to 100.7, the Raven. Thanks guys; keep it up. Awesome.


THE CUMBERLAND LODGE thanks Breanna Brosko (program co-ordinator Adopt-A-Grandparent), the Royal Canadian Legion –Cumberland Branch, and the community of Cumberland and Comox Valley for donating individual gifts to residents to open on Christmas morning. Gift tags were placed at the Finders Keep Hers Boutique in Courtenay specifically for the Cumberland Lodge and tags listed resident wishes for the season. The gifts were given to residents at the lodge on Christmas Day. Volunteers who made the day a memorable one for residents included Lois and Gord Harris, Grace Doherty and Becky Kenner, and the Cumberland Legion with Marjorie Grinnell who purchased individual gifts on behalf of the legion. A great success with all your support and time.


WE COULD NOT FIND a bouquet big enough to give thanks to the great service my hubby received at the Comox hospital over the new year. Each and every person we came into contact with was helpful, caring and incredibly talented. This started from the triage nurse that realized things were not good at check-in and we were through in five minutes, to the caring security guard that gave me a hug when things were not looking good. A shout-out to the ICU team, the emerg team and the Telemetry team and to the two amazing doctors, Dr. Eddy and Dr. Holden.


A STEM OF POISON IVY to the person driving the white vehicle surrounding the area of Driftwood Mall, who drives so fast and furious. If you do not put your foot to the brake, and stop driving like a maniac down the streets, before you know it, you will be breaking your neck instead, or even worse, an innocent pedestrian, child, animal or another vehicle that drives with care. Give your neighbours and others a break please. We do not need drivers like you. Driving is a privilege, not a game.


SENDING A BOUQUET of great thanks to the couple from Union Bay for the donations given to the Comox Valley Toy Library Society. Thank you so much and we appreciate your support!


BOUQUETS TO THE KIND bird lover who has supplied and filled a feeder to the resident hummers in front of Cascadia Liquor store in Courtenay! Thanks. Watching them today in this poor weather made me smile.


I HAVE A BEEF with the annoying new driving trend of leaving up to and sometimes way beyond a full car length in front when lining up at a light. What is this? Trying to out-nice each other? What about the driver at the back of the left turn lane who is forced to sit in traffic and risk being rear-ended because you want to feel nice? I don’t get it. Please stop this pointless stupid and unsafe practice. A few feet is fine. You know, like we always did.


HAVING JUST SPENTsix nights in the emergency department of our superb new hospital, I must say I deeply appreciate the fact that I live in the Valley and have access to this facility. Everyone I had contact with, from the very hard-working cleanup and maintenance crew to the nurses and doctors and social services people, showed a pleasant and cheerful demeanour, sometimes in the face of not always pleasant behaviour. To those not so pleasant individuals I would say, really folks, I know you are not in the best situation, but must you be so rude because you are not being attended to immediately? To prioritize is absolutely necessary when faced with medical emergencies. Be thankful people and rejoice that we live here in this most beautiful part of Canada.


THANK YOU TO the wonderful worker bees at Riverside Senior Living for the Christmas surprise you personally organized and gave to all of the seniors. It was very appreciated and enjoyed.


MOUNTAIN OF ROSES to the most benevolent persons who assisted our Estate Planning and preparation for the sake of the forthcoming our destined future. First of all, Barbara Franck at the Cemetry Division, City of Courtenay assisted us to purchase the Prepaid Right of Internment and Internment Authorization-Only in June 2019. Well done, Ms.Franck! Next, Jason Probyn at the Piercy’s Mt. Washington Funeral Home helped us purchase the Prepaid Funeral Arrangements in July 2019. Thanks! Mr.Probyn! Finally, Barrister / Solicitor, Dennis Schaffrick at the D.A. SCHFFRICK CORPORATION dedicated to assisting us through every step of our Estate Planning and preparation with such legal services as drafting the Last Wills and Testaments, Representative Agreements, and Powers of Attorney in August 2019. Mr.Schaffrick! Thank you so much for helping us to ensure the best possible outcome on our behalf. We are eternally grateful for all of your hard work. You did a bang-up job!


A BOX OF SPECIALTY DONUTS to the ‘in training’ young man, Robby, at Tim Hortons in Comox. He took my order on Sunday afternoon, Jan.12th. From his very pleasant, smiling greeting, getting everything just right with the order, to being so helpful when choosing the perfect donuts to take home, followed by another great smile, accompanied by the words, ‘Have a great day!’, I could not help but think, ‘What a fine young man, sincere in his caring for a customer.’ He made me smile more than once, leaving with a happy heart. What an over & above employee, a keeper. Thank you Robby for being a bright light behind the counter.


I WOULD LIKE TO thank the very honest person that turned my President’s Choice credit card into the Superstore gas station. Thank you again. And I thank the young man behind the counter for being so helpful.


A BIG BOUQUET of shiny new silvery tools (or whatever heating and cooling specialists like) to the staff and technicians at Temprite Climate Solutions. They recently provided some excellent service at very short notice when our garage furnace stopped working on one of the coldest days we’ve had this winter. Thank you for your time and the friendly and outstanding service you provide.


BIG BEEF TO the inconsiderate people who choose to go out for a meal at a restaurant and don’t tip their waiter/waitresses. Did you know that most servers earn less than minimum wage per hour, and every single restaurant requires their servers to tip out the kitchen, bussers, hosts, and bartenders. That means at the end of the shift we pay a good portion of our tips to the support team. If you don’t tip your server he or she will have to pay out of pocket to serve you. They pay to serve you. (Remember, they are working for less than minimum wage in most cases). Please be considerate and tip your server the industry standard of 18 per cent, or don’t go out to eat if you’re not willing to do it. It’s not fair to have us pay to serve you. We have families to feed.


FROM THE LADY in the colourful sweater who fell, first a thank you to the firemen who called immediately for help, gave reassurance, and even made a cute comment about shopping at Thrifty’s which is what I was planning to do… that actually lightened the shock of my fall. Thank also to the people who put furry coats and blankets on me even plastic sheeting over the puddle, and for the lady who found my glasses. Thank you to paramedics for the superb assistance. Thank you for the surprise phone call from the Thrifty’s deli manager and store manager, who both phoned me three weeks after the accident to ask how I was doing. Thrifty’s by the way, is not responsible for the parking lot, but my favourite store cared. I learned in the hurting time there were always helping hands and in the healing time we are wonderfully made.


HUGE BEEF TO the parent complaining about hot lunches at Courtenay Elementary. The hot lunch program is often volunteer led by parents in your school community. If you don’t like it, rather than ranting about it, get involved and volunteer. Hot lunch is a fun treat for kids and a day off for parents from making lunches. Send a healthy snack for recess if you’re so concerned about it. Pizza and hot dogs are often an affordable and inclusive option for kids who cannot afford hot lunch otherwise. It also supports local businesses or is a fundraiser for the school. If your child is having a tantrum or stealing money from you because you won’t allow them to have a hot dog, you have bigger concerns than an occasional treat for lunch.


A TRUCK LOAD of good karma for Fraser and the CF Earthworks family for all of the wrapped, and well thought out gifts, they provided to low-income kids who needed them at Christmas this year. You guys made a huge difference on Christmas morning to so many kids and their families – Thank you from the bottom of all our hearts.


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