Condition of old ski area disgusts Valley visitor

Dear editor,

I have  been visiting the Comox Valley from Edmonton for the last two weeks.

One hike suggested to me was to go up to Mt. Becher. I found this a very pleasant excursion with great scenery in Strathcona Park and overlooking the region from the top.

Unfortunately, the same could not be said for the hike up to the park boundary.

I went up the old Mt. Woods/Forbidden Plateau ski area route. For a jurisdiction that prides itself on its environmental orientation this was a disgrace.

The site is full of burned out buildings, partially collapsed structures, partially dismantled ski lift parts strewn around at the top just before the park boundary, pieces of machinery, steel plates, plastic and corrugated steel pipe, old fuel tanks and rusting structures.

Graffiti covered foundation walls, remnants of fire pits, general garbage complete the picture. The old chair lift is still standing, with all the chairs still hanging from old cable. The old pylons are rusting and one wonders when one will collapse, bringing the cable and chairs down as well.

Undoubtedly this will just be ignored and all will be left to sit on the hill side.

What is the point of having a provincial park with great scenery as an attraction when one is exposed to environmental degradation on the trail to get to it?

This is not something that should be allowed to exist in the Comox Valley.



Helmut Mach

Edmonton, Alta.