Letter to the editor.

Does every drop really count?

Dear editor,

Every drop counts, but BC hydro ‘manages’ the Comox Lake water reservoir, not for potable water customers, or fish, but mainly power generation.

On average they take 84 percent of the reservoirs 13 feet of working elevation, quickly draining the lake when inflows are low as they historically are in August and September. This is very predictable.

BC hydro seems unaware of the changing climate, and watershed conditions.

The Capital Regional District has a dedicated watershed and reservoir designed to use only 35 per cent of the capacity while planning to service more than 100,000 new customers, in the greater Victoria area. They are prepared for drought conditions that continue to occur. They are considering a deep water intake to enhance their delivery capacity.

The Comox Valley Regional District has invested $130 million in a deep water intake on Comox Lake. It is not being used to access the large inventory of water in Comox lake, as the CVRD has not negotiated rights to this plentiful resource.

I suggest there would be a massive class-action lawsuit, from thousand of gardeners, if stage four was imposed by the CVRD.

Phil Harrison