Letter to the editor.

Letter to the editor.

Find another flag to fly

Dear editor,

In a few days, we will once again be celebrating Canada Day – a day when many of us put out a Canadian flag in front of our homes.

By doing this, we are showing our support for the values of this nation – a nation that seeks (albeit imperfectly) to meet the needs of all its citizens, and respect the diversity of beliefs and cultures that exist here.

It is therefore disturbing to see the Canadian flag being co-opted by the so-called Freedom movement as their banner. The result in my mind is that our flag has actually become their symbol. So, when I raise the Canadian flag, what will I actually be saying by this gesture?

Those who support the ideas of the Freedom movement are fully entitled to express their views but since they represent only a fraction of the population, they should be finding another flag to fly.

Roderick Montague


Letter to the Editor