Frank Assu’s article was commendable

Readers write to express their views on various topics

I read with interest Frank Assu’s article and must commend him on his bravery since his opinion is not politically correct in either First Nation’s or Canadian political circles.




A huge basket of Christmas roses to Linda B. and the staff at Best Western Westerly Hotel for a superb luncheon on Dec. 12.

Big bouquets also to the Cottage Thrift Shop volunteers and guests at the same luncheon for their generous donations for the Coast Realty hamper program and the food bank.




A recent comment to the editor about elderly people coming to vote with a list in the municipal elections suggested that the elderly voters got their list from the Common Sense people and that  the elderly voters may have thought they had the council’s recommendations. I wish to elucidate the fact that the elderly do not need that kind of assistance to select their vote preferences. Not only do the elderly have years of significant experience but they are perfectly able to learn from many sources (such as newspapers, chatting with friends, Internet) where they would like to place their vote. To imply they need some kind of ‘extra’ help  seems like agism and is somewhat insulting.