Every day, Volunteers clean up roadsides in our neighbourhood. thank you so much! It is a “calling” to pick up after others. Picking up  after folks who have the intelligence to get a drivers license and fund the thousands of dollars it cost to drive a vehicle, but throw their garbage out the window. Some kids never grow up.

Profiling – assuming a person’s behaviour from their appearance – has been discredited by law enforcement agencies as a violation of civil rights. But the only ones who have ever annoyed me at the Courtenay Library are  the missionaries who troll for converts in the parking lot, and I wouldn’t object if the police moved them along. If the area at the front of the library was not intended as a place for people to gather, then why are there benches there? Or are they only for the use of some people?

Congratulations to Chris, Erin, Merleen, Elaine, Christine and last but not least Mike formerly of Target Pharmacy on your transition to complete independence. On behalf of all your current clients and you new ones to come as you travel along in this new independent family oriented future we wish you the very best. It will be so nice for your clients to be able to have ALL theirs need met in the future.

The Free Book Bank for Kids at Courtenay Elementary School would like to thank the caring folks in the Valley who donate free books to our book bank shelves. We have had over three years of success in helping kids grow their own home library! Special thanks to our former student Savannah and her members at VI Fitness for Women.  Thank you to Deb and staff at Too Good to be Threw.  Dawn, Joyce, at Joshua at the Salvation Army.  Secret book pal Mrs. Dalh at The Second Page Bookshop, The Kiwanis Club who just pop in from time to time to school with picture books, and the Comox Legion Ladies Branch 160.  Thanks for fuelling young minds and spirits!  Books are always welcome.

I found it quite interesting to read about the day care owner in Ontario who after reporting what she thought could be child abuse to authorities was successfully sued after the judge decided, after considering she was obligated by law to report her suspicions and determined that she had no malicious intent, she also needed to have reasonable evidence of an offence before reporting it. Are the necessary authorities not there to authenticate any allegations or apparently is it now the responsibility of those of good intention? I would think this case decision would send chills up the spines of those advocates and organizations who are currently encouraging citizens to report cases of bullying, spousal abuse, sexual harassment  and other similar crimes. It would  appear that anyone now might want to think twice about reporting anything if they now have to fear potentially being financially ruined by their intent to be a good Samaritan.The question is will this decision just disappear with the news cycle or will it lead people in the future to seriously contemplate not doing the right thing? Probably only a year or two of statistics will make us aware of what kind of affect this ruling has had on reporting. By then it might be too little too late for many.

I’ve figured out why they must have installed those two traffic islands on Back Road near Comox Ave. They’re no aid to moving traffic, they’re just big dangerous obstacles. So, the road there is already narrow, and there are bike lanes painted on both shoulders  so their only function must be to force cars to veer into the bike lanes. Why the town wants drivers to veer into bike lanes is a mystery. But I’m sure they had a good reason. After all, these people are trained professionals. Check it out, drivers. But don’t check it out, bike riders. Too dangerous.

The Credit Union in Comox is setting a terrible example to their customers and citizens of Comox! After the time change last year it took them a month and one-half to turn the “Town” clock they proudly display to the correct time. Late last year they were flying a miserable representation of our Canadian flag for two months. Now, “Spring Ahead” has been delayed three weeks according to their clock. Are these people leaders or sheep?

A truckload of decomposing cows to the decision to cancel the live music and seating at our winter farmers’ market.  There is plenty of room for the musicians so I don’t buy the argument of needing wider aisles.  Things were just fine.  Why fix what ain’t broke?  Socialising at such events is a valued part of small town life.  Now there’s not a single chair on which to enjoy a coffee and goodie.  Many seniors and handicapped looked forward to this weekly outing but do need to sit.  So it becomes just another place to buy stuff, then get out fast, like a supermarket or big box store.  I expect less coffee and treats will be sold.  What about music on the grass outside?  Or here’s a radical idea: using a few parking spaces for this!  Imagine, people might just carpool or take the bus which is right opposite.  Because there’s still no sign of the needed bus to the summer market this free music event is lost to some low-income folks.  Another nail in the coffin of Courtenay’s soul.  Sad.

A group of families at Ecole Au-coeur-de-l’ile realized the old adage is true: “Many hands make light work”.  Despite the weather many families, with garden tools in tow, volunteered to create an edible garden for the teachers to use with their students. Not only will the students have the opportunity to learn while gardening they will also be growing the ingredients for the high school students to cook up for the hot lunch program. Apples, rhubarb, strawberries, raspberries, potatoes, greens, pumpkins, and even popcorn are on the menu and the crops are being planned to be ready before June and after September. The garden will be ready for planting shortly after Spring Break. A big thank you to everyone who took part and to the custodial staff at the school as well. Dirt + kids = fun

So, a lady in Victoria with 19 previous drunk driving prohibitions was sentenced for her latest two offences this week and she did not get jail time. Instead, she is facing the prospect of having to “obey strict conditions.” Yes, because that worked so well last time. Among her conditions she is not to be found in possession of car keys. Really? And that’s enforceable how? That’s about as silly as saying she’s not allowed to wear pink panties. What is wrong with our laws? This lady has shown a complete disregard for Canadian law. Why? Because she can. If, after 19 prohibitions, she’s being told “you can’t carry car keys,” she knows she can just do whatever she wants, because the justice system is clearly powerless to stop her. Way to show your teeth on this one Canada. I sincerely hope that when she eventually gets into a serious car collision (because you know that’s how this will end) that the only one affected by that result are those responsible for continually granting this woman the right to be behind the wheel of a car.