HAVE YOUR SAY: February 26

Yay to returning found money; nay to golf course temper tantrums

I am writing regarding the irritating trend in businesses of referring to people who work for them as “associates” rather than employees. One big box hardware store in particular insists on using this ridiculous term, which means nothing at all. Associated in what way? Are they friends of yours, or perhaps you know them from a sports league, club or hobby group? Is there something wrong with a business having employees? There is certainly nothing degrading about it, and it clearly states what your relationship is to the person who is working for you. We all know what employees are, and when we’re looking for someone to help us find something, what we really want is one of your employees to come to our aid, not someone who may be associated with your company in some unexplained way. There’s nothing wrong with basic, simple English, so let’s use it. And while I’m getting my tiny little insignificant grumbles out so I can be free to have a nice day: I’m really beginning to wonder whether real estate agents are selling property, or themselves. More and more real estate ads feature big pictures of beautiful blonds in enticing poses – do you have to be young, blond and beautiful to attract buyers, or to do a good job selling a piece of property? Whatever happened to pictures of houses and landscapes? It seems like the real estate business is turning into a “Miss Real Estate” beauty competition! For goodness sakes, will it be bikini poses and singing and dancing next?

To the guy in red who was dropping F-bombs like it was a war on the ninth tee at Glacier Greens on Sunday: maybe golf isn’t your game. We could hear you from the 10th green. We could see the others in your group. Looked like they were embarrassed to be with you. I know I would have been. Really, guy, if you can’t control your temper, go back to the hockey rink, where that kind of attitude is applauded.

Apparently there is  a  recent mosquito epidemic on the Comox Peninsula. Real or not, the Aedes Doralis have invaded. Is it possible that burning beach wood in small amounts in family fires on beaches at Goose Spit, Point Holmes and Kye Bay kept these invaders in check in the past? Perhaps burning beach wood is distasteful to Aedes Doralis, while bringing enjoyment to those who have a small beach fire. The $5,000 is just a start to the studies.

This is to the lady who turned in an envelope with a large amount of cash to the Scotiabank, Courtenay. Thank you, thank you, thank you. What a kind and caring person you are. We are seniors, living on a very limited income, fighting some health issues as well, so it would have been very difficult for us to make up for the loss of that money. Sad to say, I think a lot of people would have been tempted into keeping it.  People, please, if you come into a ”windfall” like this please think about who might have lost it, it could be devastating to that person. Thank you again, my days are so much brighter, my troubles a little easier, knowing there are people like you out in the world. And a thank you to Sandy for tracking us down.


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