HAVE YOUR SAY: Smoke detector upgrades free in Comox

This past week, a member of the Comox firefighters came to my home to check my smoke detectors.

This past week, a member of the Comox firefighters came to my home to check my smoke detectors. Although these were working just fine, we discovered they were expired. With ten minutes both had been replace with updated versions. This service, which includes detectors and batteries, is free for the asking. Just give the firehall a call ( 250-339-2432) or email (firehall@comox.ca). Many thanks to Chief Gord Schreiner for initiating such a valuable and important public service.

Great to see that St. Joseph’s Hospital passed with flying colours on the recent audit. Well done, and reassuring!

Wondering how the CVRD will do in their audit by the Province. It will be interesting to see how they justify surcharging rural water customers to raise reserves, when they have been sitting on a $15.7-million surplus, from excessive  bulk water charges. Hopefully, the audit team will recommend the surplus be returned to overcharged water customers.

An appeal to young people on the street corners of Courtenay inviting passersby to sign a petition to legalize marijuana. Have you done your research? Do you have a genetic predisposition to addiction in your family? Do you have mental illness in your family line? Do you know that introducing marijuana or other addictive substances to your body can lead to mental illness, or exacerbate it if you have genetic dispensation to mental disorder? I have recently been made aware of two young persons aged 25 to 35 who have been admitted to hospital with a mental disorder. One such young lady, after several previous admittances; investigations by the Ministry of Children and Families for neglect of her children; alienation of her husband; job losses and varying health issues, was informed by her doctor that her now-existing mental disorder has been caused by her excessive use of a marijuana substance.  The physician further informed her that if she were to abstain from this harmful substance for a period of three months that she would no long suffer this mental disorder (illness). I was informed that her response was, that even though she was losing her children, her home and being abandoned by her husband, that no she would not discontinue the use of the marijuana substance. Are you willing to take the chance that when you are lucky enough to have a family that you may neglect your children, lose your home and husband due to an addiction to an avoidable substance? Because of these losses you could be living on the street. This may not be you as you may not have a disposition to addiction, or mental illness. If not yourself, how about the knowledge that you assisted a friend in obtaining the substance either legally or illegally, and your friend became mentally ill, perhaps due to a predisposition in her/her family? Are you willing to accept the responsibility for your friend’s and her family’s decline? Are you willing to gamble with your or your friend’s future? I am certain your response is “I can handle it,” “I  will not use in excess,” and “I am in control of my life.” I can only suggest that you research the effects of an addictions on families.   Please, you beautiful young people, with so much potential, put your youthful energy into doing good in our society, rather than furthering destruction. I look forward to meeting you in another role promoting health and wellness rather than addiction and ill health. Thank you for doing your research and acting responsibly. I cite one such paper written on the subject — www.ukcia.org/research/AdverseEffectsOfCannabis.pdf.

Seven Swans a Swimming from MARS organizers to all the Valley businesses participating  in our Count the Swans contest by placing our posters in their windows (they even went to the trouble to find “other” swans). We especially want to recognize Hot Chocolates, Whales Tales Toys, Grahams’ Jewellers, Roots Salon, Laughing Oyster Books, Art Knapp Plantland, Quality Foods, Ashley & Brown Books, the Backdoor Gallery & I-Hos Gallery plus others I may have (oooops) missed. Also we’d like to thank our sponsor 97.3 FM Eagle Radio, South Hollow & Leapenhi Paper for Origami Swans and Zocalo Cafe for the Black Swan Fiddlers – dinner was delightful. First Student Bus tours were a hit with Steph as our guide from Nature Comox Valley. The face-painters were simply amazing. Tsolum River Restoration, Project Watershed, WiTS and Nature Comox Valley were on hand to talk about the environmental work they do along with DUC biologist Jeanine Bond. We extend a round of applause to all the volunteers with each of these groups for coming out to support the return of the Trumpeter Swan Festival to the Comox Valley. We’ll see you next year!

I almost cried when I tasted the amazing pizza at Twisted Dishes, a new delicatessen-style eatery in downtown Comox that features freshly prepared local ingredients. I had been travelling and eating hotel food for a few days so the contrast between ordinary food and extraordinary food really caught my attention. Thin crust, cherry tomatoes, lovely cheese and house-made pesto … exceptional flavour. Thank you to the ‘Dream Team’ of Devin, Lindsay and Eric for making each visit so pleasing to body and soul. Every main and dessert I have tried over the past few weeks has surpassed my expectations.

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