HAVE YOUR SAY: To every season, turn, turn, turn

Today, for the first time, we noticed not just a slight chill in the air, but an aroma, a smell if you will, of fall.

Today, for the first time, we noticed not just a slight chill in the air, but an aroma, a smell if you will, of fall. The oppressive heat of summer is not there any more, temps are cooler, the breeze a bit cooler too, but it is the aroma. Garden veggies are ‘done.’ Cleaning up the garden, putting stuff into compost is another issue. Bird feeders need cleaning, as does the bird bath. Thoughts are turning to, ‘Where are the gloves, the sweaters, jackets?” Leave that thermostat alone. Dress in layers. Even the lead stories in our local papers are hinting at this change of seasons. Anyone else out there having the same experience?

To the family at the corner of Waddington and Ninth Street East in Courtenay, you are a welcome addition to our friendly neighbourhood. But what is it with that noisy little dog? It barks non-stop for hours and hours. This has been going on for too long and your neighbours are getting totally fed up. Of all the neighbourhood dogs, yours is the only one allowed such constant barking. Please take your dog to training. In the meantime, keep your dog inside with the windows closed.

I would like to acknowledge the hard work of Jen Shapka, a wonderful woman and car seat technician volunteer who has worked tirelessly to make the Comox Valley and Vancouver Island safer for families. Jen moved to the Valley just over a year ago and she has performed hundreds of child car seat checks and trained numerous technicians around the Island. It is noteworthy that fewer than a handful of drivers had installed the seats correctly; imagine the tragedy that could result during a crash from improper seat installation or buckling in of a child? If you have children’s car or booster seats and haven’t already had a check, please contact Jen at cvcarseattechs@gmail.com.

Did the railway ties on the Island railway deteriorate more quickly after they stopped spraying the rail bed?

Huge appreciation to Bill and his staff at Comox Valley Dodge’s repair shop. Previously, they have done a fabulous repair to our car after a couple of fender-bender. Recently, a very poor driver of a scooter left his paint on our front bumper. Bill used solvent and it’s just like new again. He said, “No charge; just keep coming back.” Hopefully, other folks will read this and us his services when they need them.

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