Homelessness will always exist

Dear editor,

There will never be a solution to homelessness!

There is no way to modify the human spirit of wanderlust or defying conformity; be it intended or altered by drugs and alcohol.

There will always be people, mostly the young and disaffected, who do not want to resign themselves to a responsible life.

By the same token, there will always be older people who defy logic and or societal kinship and will find whatever lifestyle suits their lack of work ethic or ability to slough off their lives.

Now before all you naysayers state that there are people who through no fault of their own, end up needing assistance and guidance, I say that is why we have a benevolent social welfare system, to provide for those folks who deserve and need help.

If you believe that  most of these people would accept gainful or meaningful employment, then all you have to do is look at the disaster of the Temporary Foreign Worker Program, that has totally abused the concept, in order to fulfill all kinds of so-called service jobs.

There will always be freeloaders in society. There will always be abuse of available social assistance. As long as these two conditions exist, so-called “homelessness” will exist.

Don’t let the politicians or deceived charitable people tell you otherwise, it’s pure fallacy!

So let’s quit the rhetoric, deceit and waste and provide resources where they are needed and get those members of society who continue to abuse the rights of deserving citizens back to being contributing members of our world.



JF Logan