How does Clark expect students to pay off their loans when there are no jobs?

Dear editor,

I saw a report that Christy Clark has petitioned ICBC not to allow the people/students to renew their insurance for their vehicles unless their student loans were paid off.

I find this ironic because what our Premier fails to understand is that there are no jobs here in B.C. for the students to get employment so they can pay off their loans. Students have to pay very large fees to enter the college of their choice and they also have to pay for the books they need to get through the courses they want to take.

She also fails to understand that a lot of the people in B.C. have gone to Alberta, Saskatchewan or even Manitoba.  My husband was one of these people who had to go elsewhere to work, simply because he never had a choice. He placed his resumes around the Valley but never got a call for an interview to get employed, and this was after he took a course to change careers. A few people I know have gone elsewhere to find work in what ever job they could find.

So, with Christy Clark putting this on the students and them not being able to renew their insurance, how does she expect them to find work much less go to work without a vehicle to get there? Calling them lazy is not the thing to do either. I will say this, if she can find all these students employment and let them know where the jobs are that would be a good thing! So please give your head a shake and think and look around you to see the effect of your actions on these students who can’t pay off their loans simply because they can’t find a job or they don’t have a means to get to the job they already have!

Ann Marie Sampson