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Infrastructure dollars earmarked for Courtenay’s 6th Street bridge project could be better spent elsewhere

Dear editor,

Dear editor,

I am writing to say I oppose any funding for the 6th Street Bridge project. Surely, our city councillors can find a more useful use of taxpayers dollars. And before someone says, “but, it’s federal money,” I will remind all and sundry that there is only one taxpayer be it federal, provincial or municipal.

One of the uses of these dollars is to do some infrastructure repairs. Our street looks like it’s paved with cobblestones with half of them missing. There are potholes on potholes and it is a hazard driving when you meet another vehicle. You have to pull over to the side of the street to avoid a collision or damage your tires in the potholes. The corner of Cowichan Avenue and Ryan Road is one example. The corner was partially paved when the new pedestrian light was installed, but nothing was done to Cowichan Avenue itself. I equate this bridge with some of the myriad bike lanes that were installed. Has anyone done a count of bicycles that use them? I’ve yet to see one on 6th Street east.

It’s time the silent majority was heard.

Bernie Guyader,