Is ICBC campaign putting lipstick on a pig?

Dear editor,
I am writing once again to voice my thoughts on ICBC.

Dear editor,I am writing once again to voice my thoughts on ICBC.I have e-mailed MLA Don McRae in the past asking that he address the subject of privatizing car insurance in B.C., and he had promised to bring it up in the legislature.I have not heard anything since. Now that there is a plan to make changes within ICBC, I was hoping he would voice the concerns of your constituent, but he has remained silent. Is this new campaign going to result in any real changes or is this about putting lipstick on a pig?I am asking his government to let the people decide who they buy insurance from rather than forcing them to deal with the tax collectors at ICBC. I also question the practice of insuring a vehicle. It would make more sense to insure the driver, and that driver being able to drive any vehicle. As it stands now, I am forced to pay separate insurance for each vehicle even though I only use one at a time.I am also curious why I pay insurance for a utility trailer? If the vehicle that is doing the towing is insured, what does trailer insurance cover, or is it just another ICBC tax?I have asked ICBC but they didn’t have the courtesy to e-mail me back.It is hardly a mystery as to why voter turnout is so low when, as soon as the polls close, those voted in immediately focus on doing whatever their leader dictates, rather than what the constituents have asked for. In a democracy, the people elect a representative to serve the better good of their community but our current system closer resembles a dictatorship where the interests of the party leader and being treated as our superiors are their only concern. I am disappointed but not surprised that Mr. McRae chose to follow the party line instead of standing up for the people who gave him the job.Chris Elliston,Comox